Very Best of Enemies (e-book)

The lion has since prehistoric times mystified, terrified and fascinated man. No other animal has been so revered, feared or misrepresented as the lion.

Ever since the first lion ate the first man, the two species have been locked in feud for dominance. In the last century, however, the King of the Jungle was finally subdued by the King of the Planet. The war against the lion is over; the battle for its survival is raging.

It is a book populated by scalawags and conmen, hunters and warriors from both sides. There is a one-armed lion tamer and a ninja lion. There are maneaters and stalkers. There are mythical, legendary and comic lions.

Ultimately it is a book about the greatest of ironies: the lion survived the worst man could fling at him, but now his existence is threatened by kindness.

Nobody should enter the conversation about the past, present or future of the lion if they have not read "Very Best of Enemies."

Pages: 299.